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Katarina F. Sweda - Niklasdorf bei Leoben, Steiermark


Katarina Finta Sweda is a modern artist, expressing her art through mediums like painting, drawing, and ceramic sculptures.


Combining them all the artist developed her unique sculpture-picture-portraits.

Like many artists she accepts private and public applications, and her popular compositions are welcomed in several annual events.

She was raised in Slovakia, graduated from the technical university in Kosice, and acquired additional instruction in painting and techniques from Prof. Josefik in Prague and Prof.Csako in Kosice.




"..the art Liberates. It Thrives on images and dreams,

and broadens their horizons..."

Katarina F. Sweda

Contact: www.kfsweda.at

Smiling Works

Smiling Works began in 2005 as a series of hybrid compositions collating three-and -two dimensional portraits of well-known public figures and fantasy-beings. The theme of the series is smile. Smile - in its multilayer-ness and its form - is fascinating phenomenon ...



Paintings of the 90's

In her early career she began with drawings of emotions like love, pain or despair. Each of her oils and canvasses expresses a thought. It is a job of spectator to search for the key hidden in the carefull selection of colours.



Lately Kfsweda turned to portrait. The portraits of well-known figures or ordinary citizens reflect the innocence, modesty, sophistication, sarcasm, conceit of the mankind. In both known and unknown faces we read stories ofpeople who look for happinessin their lives ...


Femme Fatale

The Femme Fatale - the most beautiful of the world's species. Explore the UNSPOILED beauty of the Femme Fatale, and explore her decidely fatal character. What is really behind this art object? How should she look? ...